Banks Landscaping is a custom landscape company that has been serving the high country since 1997 we specialize in residential hardscaping/ landscaping, drainage issues, and excavating to build usable space.

We can provide local shrubs, trees, and plants grown locally to ensure quality. We have a wide selection of stones/boulders to meet your needs.

Fully Insured • Locally owned and operated

Word from the Owner

I’m on each project operating the machines, doing onsite design and making sure my workers are doing their job to assure your project is done correctly and on time. I’m available by phone/email and can be reached anytime (I’m very good at calling you back fast.)

(828) 925-2744

Customer service is top priority at Banks Landscaping. In fact, it is the core driving force behind everything we do. From the initial client consultation, through the on-site design phase, and on to the construction process,Banks Landscaping will strive to deliver a professional and courteous client experience. It’s just what we do.

High-quality landscape design increases both the value and beauty of your home or business for years to come. We design effective, functional landscapes. Creating a harmony between your architecture and the nature surrounding your home or business is what we’re all about.

With your home or business in our hands, you can rest assured that the most aesthetic, effective designs will be employed – guaranteeing years of beauty and enjoyment.